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Why not enter Chinese market via China Baidu PPC advertising?

Baidu PPC has proven to be one of the most cost-effective and fastest forms of Chinese marketing available.

What about performance marketing ways in China?

There are many advertising channels in China, but not each channel will work for you, contact me, i will let you know which channels are proper for your business.

Usually , these advertising channels are all large websites, search engines, and popular apps with huge traffic every day, I offer such as

1, PPC: Baidu, 360, Sogou

2, CPC/CPL/CPS: Advertising on vertical websites

3, CPC/CPL/CPS: Advertising on populars mobile apps

China search market share

According to the latest data from CNZZ , which is the biggest web analytics provider in China, we can see the market shares of major Chinese search engines from the figure on the right.

After introduced kinds of PPC in China, most people would ask me where they should start, of course, my answer is Baidu. You could ignore Google China, Bing, and Yahoo, but you couldn't ignore Baidu, 360, Sogou, Sina Weibo, QQ weibo,wechat and QQ networks ads, they own the most popular resources in China.

China Advertising in different ways

I also offer baidu seo service, and services to help you advertise on Chinese popular apps charging by CPC, CPA, and CPS (cost per sales).

I have rich experienced of Baidu PPC in industries of forex, financial, P2P online lending/investing, education, electronic, motion control, hotel, cigar and so on.

AnitaHow to launch effective China marketing?
Let me help you directly, I am Anita Zheng who is the master of ppc-china.net, and I am an experienced China marketing expert who can also well understand your language (English) and your business!


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